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The best Charlotte chiropractor warns about sitting disease

LOF 5194 The best Charlotte chiropractor warns about sitting diseaseWhat is sitting disease?

The best Charlotte chiropractor warns about sitting disease? This sounds like an April fool’s prank article, but it is not. Your Charlotte chiropractor wants you to understand that your lifestyle at home and at work can affect your health dramatically. Research has shown that the time we spend sitting, regardless of how active your lifestyle, is linked to increased risks of heart, disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. The average person is probably unaware that the time they spend commuting, sitting at a desk, or laid out on the couch has serious health repercussions.

Our sedentary lifestyle

We always think of sitting as a rather benign, if not helpful activity; but the reality is that our modern lifestyle is so sedentary that to sit for such long hours every day can be comparable to that of smoking and exercising. In other words, even if you are getting plenty of exercise; sitting for such long periods each day still increases your risk of disease and a shortened life span.

In addition to sitting in front of the TV or sitting down with a book for hours, you could be required to sit at your desk for eight or nine hours a day. There is no amount of running or walking that can correct what happens when you sit for such a prolonged amount of time. When you sit for so long, blood circulation in your muscles slows, your body uses less blood sugar, and you burn less fat. This is a perfect combination to increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Change your lifestyle

The average person spends about 64 hours a week sitting, 28 hours standing, and 11 hours of non-exercise walking. This means that the average person spends more than nine hours a day sitting. It is important that you talk with your Charlotte chiropractor about lifestyle strategies to ensure that you are sitting less. Here are some tips that you can begin to implement as part of a wellness lifestyle:

  • Set reminders to stand up every 20 minutes at work
  • Drink more water which will make you take more trips to the kitchen and bathroom
  • Take phone calls while standing up
  • Cut back on your TV and web surfing time
  • Stand at your desk and burn an extra 114 calories a day
  • Ask for more casual days at work since research shows that people are more active then than they are in formal attire

To achieve optimal health and to avoid discomfort, it is important that you make an appointment for a consultation and evaluation with your Charlotte chiropractor to find appropriate lifestyle strategies to ensure that you are sitting less.

Consult with a top Charlotte chiropractor

Are you looking for a Charlotte chiropractor who is passionate about helping you achieve optimal health and providing high quality chiropractic care? The doctors at ChiroCarolina are experts that can successfully diagnose and treat patients in a way that is gentle, natural, and painless. They understand that every patient experiences unique conditions and factors that can affect their health. It is time to improve your quality of life. Call their office to experience the best Charlotte chiropractor for you and your family.


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Getting a good night of sleep after you have been injured at work

DSC 1510 Getting a good night of sleep after you have been injured at workBack pain and neck trauma- and finding Charlotte’s best chiropractor

If you have been injured at work and have back, neck, head, or leg pain as a result, you probably find it difficult to get a good night of sleep. If you fail to get the proper amount of sleep, you can become more sensitive to the pain, which can only make you feel worse. Your Charlotte chiropractor can develop an effective treatment plan to relieve your pain and to help your body begin to heal, and there are also some things you can do at home to decrease the possibility of your having to spend your nights after your work injury without decent sleep. The following are some very important tips from Charlotte’s best chiropractor that will help you get the best sleep possible:

Use a medium to firm mattress – Using the proper mattress will give your back the support that it needs. A supportive mattress means that back and shoulder muscles can rest while you rest. If you mattress is too soft, the already sore muscles must struggle to keep your spine in the proper position every night. A firm mattress will allow you to be comfortable enough to drift off to sleep. Remember… rest is therapy too.

Lie on your side – If you sleep on your back when it is injured, the aches and pains that you have suffered as a result of your work related accident will feel worse. Laying on your front is just as bad. Ideally, you should learn to sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees. This position places you in a posture that allows you to rest with the least amount of pain. If you absolutely must sleep on your back, be sure to place a pillow under your knees; this will help to relieve the pressure on your lower back.

Chiropractic treatment for neck trauma

All too often, back pain is accompanied with neck pain. If you suffer from neck trauma, the treatment you receive is crucial, and can have an effect on the rest of your life. Neck pain is not a figment of your imagination. The soft tissues in your neck can be damaged even by low impact or injury. It is important that you receive the best Charlotte chiropractic care. Chiropractors treat neck pain naturally and without the use of harmful painkillers.

Painkillers only numb your pain for a short time, and do absolutely nothing for your long term healing. In fact, extended use of painkillers can put you at risk for developing other health issues. Charlotte’s best chiropractors have worked with hundreds of patients who have had neck pain. By combining multiple natural and pain free therapies, neck pain relief becomes the expected outcome. Chiropractic doctors also utilize gentle adjustments to move the spine into proper alignment, improving nerve impulses directly from your brain and spinal cord.

The best Charlotte chiropractic treatment work injuries

Do not guess about the seriousness of your work related injuries. The doctors at ChiroCarolina are experts at the diagnosis and treatment of injured patients. ChiroCarolina provides numerous treatment modalities to aid in the healing process for their patients. It is time to improve your quality of life. If you have been injured at work, call their office to experience one of the top chiropractors for Charlotte, NC.


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Chiropractic care and physical therapy when you have been in an accident

DSC 1480 Chiropractic care and physical therapy when you have been in an accidentPatients who have been in an accident consult a Charlotte chiropractor

Charlotte’s best chiropractor is frequently called upon to treat patients who have been in an accident and suffer from auto injuries. Treatment is as different as every injured individual. The recovery process from an auto injury depends upon the severity of the injuries sustained. The combination of chiropractic care and physical therapy is highly effective when it comes to healing injuries such as neck pain and whiplash.

Recent studies have proven that patients who received chiropractic treatment that includes physical therapy after an auto injury; did better than those who did not receive such treatment. Another study confirms that patients who suffered an auto injury the previous year recovered faster when the two therapies were combined for treatment; even those with more serious injuries than whiplash.

If you have suffered for months or even years with symptoms related to whiplash, it is not too late to take advantage of physical therapy or to get chiropractic care, because the body has an immense capacity to heal itself and to recover from chronic conditions.

Dealing with chronic pain

Chronic pain is a reality for many patients long after an auto accident. The presence of such pain can have a significant affect your quality of life, especially when the pain is in the neck or the back. The top chiropractors in Charlotte treat patients daily who have experienced whiplash after an auto accident. They also treat those who show signs of degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis.

Neck trauma

A whiplash injury is defined as damage to the soft tissues caused by the sudden change in direction that typically occurs in a rear-end car accident. Even at low speeds, the ligaments and muscles of the neck and shoulder area can be easily stretched or torn. The end result is pain and inflammation which may become chronic or acute if not properly treated. If you suffer with chronic or degenerative pain, or if you simply are seeking the proper diagnosis and treatment, plan a visit to Charlotte’s best chiropractors for skilled and experienced treatment.

The best chiropractic care in Charlotte

Chiropractic care is often the treatment of choice for patients to find relief for chronic and acute pain. One of the reasons for the wide acceptance of chiropractic care is that it is a natural and drug free treatment. If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, or headaches from an auto accident injury; visit the doctors at ChiroCarolina, located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

These simple tips can greatly improve your spinal health, but it is also important to see your Charlotte Chiropractor as your professional source for good health. ChiroCarolina chiropractors of Charlotte, NC diagnoses and treats every patient individually. The take into account the unique underlying factors and issue affecting the patient. Their goal is to help everyone achieve optimal health.  Call them today to schedule an appointment the best auto accident chiropractors available.


Rating: 9 out of 10 (from 71 votes)

See your Charlotte chiropractor for injured knees

DSC 1598 See your Charlotte chiropractor for injured kneesTreating injured knees the natural way with chiropractic care

Chiropractic care is extremely effective in treating injured or arthritic knees. The knee is incredibly strong and is a factor in our balanced and coordinated motion. Your knees are complex joints that are comprised of bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Pain, popping, and loss of function of the joint can occur when any one of these components are not working properly. This can happen from injury, joint degeneration, and even damage related to compensation of foot, ankle or hip problems. Knee pain commonly affects both active and/or sedentary people of all ages. There are many causes of knee dysfunction and most are treatable with natural and pain free chiropractic care.

Causes of injured knees

One of the most common causes of knee pain is sports related activity. Beyond football and basketball; millions of people who participate in cycling, running, hiking, walking, or any activity that requires repetitive motion, are susceptible to knee injury. You can be sure that the aging process also can lead to muscular weakness and general wear and tear. Running places up to 550% more force on your knee than just standing. Whether you are running, playing soccer, walking, dancing, or hiking, the significant force can wear on the structures of your knee. Old injuries can eventually lead to the development of scar tissue, potentially leading to pain and arthritis.

The most common treatment for pain and limited motion is the use of over the counter pain medications. This may temporarily relieve pain, but does nothing to alleviate the cause of the knee injury. Your chiropractic doctor will evaluate your knee pain, which includes a thorough examination of the muscles, ligaments, joints, and your posture. He or she will spend some time discussing your past injuries and lifestyle habits that may have contributed to your condition.

Chiropractic treatment for injured knees

Most knee conditions can be improved or healed through natural and painless chiropractic treatments without the use of surgery. Chiropractic care for knee pain includes several treatment modalities, each chosen to relieve specific causes of knee pain. Treatment can include therapeutic massage, physical therapy, exercise programs, and even lifestyle coaching.

In addition, your chiropractic doctor may perform gentle spinal adjustments, gentle, controlled, and directed adjustments of your knee. Knee pain can be associated with over worked muscles in the legs, hips, and lower back. The best advice is to see your Charlotte chiropractor for an evaluation. He or She is an expert in determining the causes of your knee injuries, and they can provide the treatment that can keep you on your toes.

The best Charlotte chiropractic treatment for injured knees

Do not guess about the seriousness of your knee injuries. The doctors at ChiroCarolina are experts at the diagnosis and treatment of injured patients. ChiroCarolina provides numerous treatment modalities to aid in the healing process for their patients. It is time to improve your quality of life. If you have been injured, call their office to experience the top chiropractors for Charlotte, NC.


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Are you hurt in a Charlotte slip and fall accident

DSC 1604 Are you hurt in a Charlotte slip and fall accidentSeek Charlotte chiropractic care is you are hurt

Are you hurt in a slip and fall accident and might need chiropractic care? The most common causes of injuries are often the results of as a slip and fall accidents. A slip and fall can be caused by everything from slick and slippery surfaces to hazardous steps and stairs. Those who are involved in slip and fall injuries can experience trauma to bones, dislocated joints, torn muscles and ligaments, even traumatic brain injury. The best case scenarios mean that the sufferers will have to deal with moderate to severe pain.

When your injuries are severe, they become a source of chronic pain and limited movement. The best Charlotte chiropractors have treated patients from all walks of life, from the very active, to those who are old and frail. They are experts at treating many different types of injuries that occur from   slip and fall accidents. The first step is to perform an in-depth evaluation and to determine the underlying cause and deliver targeted treatment.

Gentle and natural care

Chiropractic care focuses on problems with the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. It is perfectly suited for the treatment of slip and fall injuries, including sprains and strains, neck and back pain, or actually any pain that affects your joints. Spinal adjustments are gentle, they are non-invasive, and they offer safe and effective pain relief by increasing range of motion. Spinal adjustments also help to increase the body’s natural ability to heal itself. In addition to spinal adjustments, chiropractic care naturally provides pain relief to those parts of the body that are susceptible to injuries from slip and fall accidents such as the knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, and shoulders.

Trust Chiropractic care to guide you through the recovery process

Studies have shown that chiropractic care is highly effective, and it also speeds up the recovery time that is necessary to improve the overall health of each patient. Spinal adjustments are complemented with other treatment options such as rehabilitative exercises, massage therapy, and dietary supplements. Chiropractic doctors are very careful to explain all of the treatment options that are best suited for your particular case; and they go to great lengths to ensure that every patient receives personalized care.

Chiropractic care in Charlotte for slips and fall injuries

In the event that you should suffer a fall, be sure to seek the appropriate medical help as soon as possible. Even if you do not think that you have been hurt, it is advisable that you see your chiropractor so that he or she can check for any injuries that may be the result of your slip or fall. It is quite common that symptoms or signs of injury are not present until days or even weeks later.

When it comes to follow-up care for slip and fall injuries, ChiroCarolina is your premier Charlotte Chiropractor. Their staff and doctors will work hard to provide the best possible information and treatments to help you get back to a normal and pain free lifestyle. Are you hurt and you want the quality chiropractic care that patients have received for so many years; call their office and schedule an appointment today.


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Charlotte chiropractic care for weight loss

DSC 0185 Charlotte chiropractic care for weight lossRoutine fun for weight loss- consult your Charlotte chiropractor for care

Charlotte chiropractic care is all about achieving optimal health through natural and holistic care. When it comes to weight loss, Charlotte’s best chiropractor believes that your approach should be natural and fun. No surgeries, no pills or shots, just common sense and a routine that is fun. You will be surprised at how fast excess weight can be lost.

The daily routine of raising your kids and caring for the family can make it seem impossible to exercise for an hour every day. In addition, the pressure to exercise can feel a little overwhelming and frustrating if you work hard and fail to make your goal it is easy to become discouraged. In order to lose weight you will need to make some changes in diet and exercise. Here are some easy changes that you can incorporate in your daily life in an effort to make a difference in how you look and feel. The secret to success is to keep it simple and make it fun.

Jumpstart your day – We mean skipping rope… jump ropes are not just child play. Jumping rope is a fun and fast way to get some cardiovascular exercise. Jumping rope is easy; it burns calories, and works every muscle group. Just do it for 5 minutes every morning or before you shower at night. You will be surprised how much it will energize you.

Walk with your best friend – That is, man’s best friend. Take your dog for a walk every day. Studies have actually shown that people, who walk their dog 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, lost an average of 14 pounds in a year. This is such an easy way to become more active. Do not forget to take your music player to help you keep a healthy pace. If you do not have a dog, perhaps you have a neighbor or friend who would like to join you.

Drink plenty of water – Drinking water can help curb your appetite and leave you feeling more energetic. You can flavor your water by adding some lemon or orange slices, or you can add some juice. Herbal tea can be a nice change of pace if you get bored with water. Another excellent choice for hydration is coconut water. Just remember that staying hydrated may be the most important element in helping you lose weight.

Get plenty of sleep – Sleep deprivation actually increases your cravings for food. Do not neglect your need for ample rest if you want to slim down. Make a conscious effort to get to bed early. You will immediately find yourself happy and alert in the morning.

You do not need fancy workout clothing or workout equipment like weights, mats, or steps. You will not need to join an expensive gym or spa. Simply plan and set reachable goals; have fun, and before you know it you could be feeling and looking better.

The best chiropractic care in Charlotte

The need to lose weight can be a very serious issue and your Charlotte chiropractor has the answers that can greatly improve your health and overcome the negative effects of excess weight on your body. It is crucially important to see your Charlotte Chiropractor as your professional source for good health.

ChiroCarolina chiropractors of Charlotte, NC diagnoses and treats every patient individually. They take into account the unique and underlying factors that have an effect on the patient. Their goal is to help everyone achieve optimal health. Call them today to schedule an appointment to receive the best Charlotte Chiropractic care for weight loss.


Rating: 7 out of 10 (from 73 votes)

Finding the best Charlotte chiropractor for fibromyalgia treatment

DSC 0225 Finding the best Charlotte chiropractor for fibromyalgia treatmentCharlotte chiropractor explains fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia syndrome is a common and chronic disorder that is compelling many to seek the best Charlotte chiropractor for treatment. In the simplest of terms, fibromyalgia is characterized by as being widespread pain, joint stiffness, and a variety of other symptoms. Millions of people suffer from fibromyalgia, with studies revealing that a large percentage of those afflicted with this condition are women.

Although it has been mistakenly considered a condition that is related to arthritis, fibromyalgia is not a form of arthritis because it does not cause deformity and damage to the joints or other tissues.

The confusion is understandable because fibromyalgia does share a few symptoms that resemble those of arthritis. Pain and fatigue are the two most similar symptoms for those who suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis. Fibromyalgia and arthritis are both considered rheumatic conditions, which connotes that they are conditions that impair joint movement and cause chronic pain.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is largely described as pain in the form of a distant, dull ache, which is usually widespread throughout the body. Patients experience additional pain when pressure is applied to tender points on your body such as the top of the shoulders, back of the head, upper chest and hips, or behind the knee; to name a few. Even with sufficient amounts of sleep and rest, people who suffer with fibromyalgia still experience fatigue. Usually, sleep is disrupted because of pain; causing many people with fibromyalgia to suffer from sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome, which only makes the chronic fatigue even worse. Other symptoms may also include anxiety, depression and headaches; in which it is believed that these symptoms are brought on by the pain and fatigue over an extended period of time.

Chiropractic care for fibromyalgia

Chiropractic care provides pain free and natural treatment for fibromyalgia pain. The best Charlotte chiropractors are trained in treating pain at pressure points, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. Chiropractors understand that the human body is a self-healing organism. Chiropractors use specific treatments that help the body speed up the healing process through spinal adjustments. After adjustments, the patient experiences increased mobility between the vertebrae that puts everything back in its proper position. Because the spine is properly realigned, the nerves and muscles can receive more blood flow and can alleviate pain that is brought on by pinched nerves.

There are many different treatments and adjustments that a chiropractic doctor can perform for different issues. Seeking out Charlotte’s best chiropractor should yield positive results for patients who suffer with fibromyalgia. In addition to reducing the pain brought on by fibromyalgia; chiropractic treatments help your body to relax, and can improve your sleeping habits.

A Charlotte chiropractor for treatment of fibromyalgia and arthritis

The doctors at ChiroCarolina of Charlotte, NC use gentle, low-force techniques combined with a number of other treatment modalities such as nutritional counseling, lifestyle coaching, and physical therapy to help reduce the pain and joint stiffness associated with fibromyalgia. Take the time to improve your quality of life. Call them and discover the best chiropractor for fibromyalgia and arthritis.


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Is chiropractic care safe for pregnant women suffering from low back pain?

While many women go through pregnancy without major problems, there are a number of expectant mothers who feel discomfort – even pain – during and post-pregnancy.

That’s because when a woman gets pregnant, many changes happen to the body as it tries to adapt to the needs of the pregnancy. One change that can cause discomfort (and sometimes pain) in many pregnancies is the enlargement of the abdomen as the child grows inside the womb. The weight of the enlarged abdomen can affect the woman’s posture, which causes the joint to misalign. This misalignment causes back pain that can sometimes linger on even after pregnancy.

Low Back Pain and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a known non-invasive, no medication treatment for back pain. According to Dr. Ali of ChiroCarolina, this treatment is something that even pregnant women can go through as it is safe and has many benefits in store for them. Aside from relief for low back pain, chiropractic adjustments can also help decrease pain during delivery as it loosens up the tension in the spine and pelvis.

Aside from adjustments, chiropractors will also advise pregnant women to perform certain exercises and lifestyle changes that can help them during and after pregnancy.

To know more about chiropractic care for pregnant women, visit http://chirocarolinacharlotte.com or call 704-598-8040.


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Charlotte neck pain is not just about your bones

DSC 1511 Charlotte neck pain is not just about your bonesCharlotte neck pain and whiplash

In Charlotte, neck pain is a large part of every chiropractic practice. Possibly the majority of headache, upper back pain, and neck pain cases are due to whiplash type injuries. Here we will discuss some additional information with regard to whiplash, neck pain, and neck strength. If you have ever been involved in a whiplash type injury; that is, one in which your head was suddenly whipped back and forth, then you probably remember developing pain in the neck at some period over the next couple weeks. Chances are that you related your pain to a problem in the joints or your cervical spine. In reality, you most likely had weak muscles in the neck from the whiplash injury.

The relationship between bones and muscles

Sometime patients are under the misconception that chiropractors only deal with bones and joints, but it is important to remember that those bones and joints are moved by muscles. Conversely, the muscles help to support and hold the bones in alignment, so it is only natural to treat the two components together. Most people think that the boney part of the spine holds the head up, yet a significant amount of stability of the neck comes from very small muscles that are attached to the spine. If you have trouble holding your head up after a car accident, these muscles most likely have been weakened.

Exercise therapy

Chiropractic care will help realign the joints of the spine, but if you do not exercise the muscles that support the neck and upper back, you will not achieve the expected results for proper healing. You probably envision hours of exercise every day, or going to physical therapy 2-3 times a week for a few months. In actuality, cervical exercises for the neck can be performed in about 3 minutes, three or four times a day.

Chiropractic treatment for whiplash

The good news is that chiropractic treatment for whiplash is very natural and pain free. This means no needles and no harmful medications. If you have any concerns about your neck pain, headaches, or upper back pain; please contact your Charlotte chiropractor and schedule an appointment and examination for pain from whiplash.

Top chiropractors treat Charlotte neck pain

The Doctors at ChiroCarolina are spine care specialists who use natural and gentle techniques to treat your neck injury. They specialize in treating patients for chronic and acute neck pain, acute pain, accidents and sports injuries. When it comes to follow-up care, ChiroCarolina stands above other area clinics. Dr. Rice, Dr. Saario, and Dr. Ali are passionate about relieving neck pain and providing high quality chiropractic care for their patients. They have delivered excellent chiropractic care to thousands of people in North Carolina. Call them today for an evaluation of your Charlotte neck pain.


Rating: 7 out of 10 (from 29 votes)

Learn how chiropractic care helps Charlotte headaches

DSC 1515 Learn how chiropractic care helps Charlotte headachesChiropractic care and headache pain

Chiropractic care has answers for those who suffer from frequent Charlotte headaches. Chronic headache and migraine pain can be incredibly debilitating. Realistically, most medications, including prescription painkillers, can only mask the symptoms of headache or migraine pain. These medications are designed to numb the ability of the brain to perceive pain. While some of these drugs can provide pain relief, it is dangerous to consider them as a long-term headache pain solution.

The best chiropractors in Charlotte have had great success using chiropractic care to manage headache and migraine pain; and more importantly, to help reduce the occurrence of the conditions that cause these health problems. If you suffer from chronic headaches there are ways that chiropractic care can help you. Consider the following facts on headache and migraine pain:

A cervical misalignment may be causing your headache pain

One of the most common causes of headaches can be a misalignment of your cervical spine. This can cause the supporting muscles to spasm, which in turn triggers headache pain. As long as your cervical spine continues to be out of alignment, you are at increased risk for headaches. The best chiropractors in Charlotte can provide treatment that is an effective means for restoring proper alignment, while naturally and painlessly reducing the frequency of tension headaches.

Whiplash injuries and headache pain

Have you recently been in a minor car accident? Many people do not realize that “minor” accidents at low speeds can cause whiplash, which is damage of the soft tissues in the neck. This can lead to headaches and migraines. If the force of impact is severe enough, you may even experience misalignment of your cervical spine. A diagnostic appointment with one of Charlotte’s best chiropractors will help determine if your musculoskeletal system has sustained trauma that could be the reason for your headache pain.

Lifestyle coaching to reduce headache pain

Migraines can be triggered by a number of different factors, certain foods, scents, and even visual triggers such as light affects many individuals. Top chiropractors in Charlotte provide lifestyle counseling to help identify these triggers and teach you how to avoid them. Complementary therapies such as massage therapy are very effective for managing tension and stress. Dietary counseling can also help reduce the risk for headache pain.

The best chiropractic care for headaches

The doctors of ChiroCarolina are some of Charlotte’s best chiropractors. Their first goal is to address your pain and provide pain relief, then to provide thorough and effective treatment. Additionally, they cooperate with other treatment specialists such as dieticians and massage therapists. They will also provide lifestyle coaching as a way to teach each patient how to take an active role in preventing future problems. Take the time to improve your quality of life. Visit the top chiropractors in Charlotte, at ChiroCarolina, and experience successful treatment for Charlotte headaches


Rating: 9 out of 10 (from 59 votes)

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